Thursday, 11 April 2019

Number 38

Pictured above is number 38, a just-completed octave mandolin.  An octave mandolin is tuned an octave lower than a "normal" mandolin and is the size of a small guitar.  This one has a 530mm scale length and the sides meet the neck at the 14th fret.  There is no re-curve where the sides meet the neck, unlike many other instruments of this type.  I wanted to keep it simple and affordable.  As you can imagine, with it's longer scale and lower tuning, this mandolin's voice is much more bassy than other mandos I have made.  However, the body is not as deep as some other octave mandolins so it sounds brighter than others.  The Bunya Pine soundboard works great in this application giving a powerful tone and is also much more resistant to abrasion than Spruce or Cedar, meaning that players who use a pick won't have to worry about marking the soundboard when strumming.  Some pics:

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