Friday, 3 January 2020

A long-overdue update

Life got in the way and I've been neglecting this.  I have been very busy though, unfortunately much of it not to do with lutherie.  Nonetheless, I'm hoping that I will have more time for this in 2020.  I have received a commission to build a Malagasy Kabosy and dutifully ordered the plan for this unusual instrument from Luthiers Mercantile.  It took about six weeks to arrive from the USA and after reviewing the plan I realised that it would be easier for me to build a guitar-shaped instrument rather than the rectangular shape that most kabosy are made in.  Their are guitar-shaped Kabosy in existence so I'm not doing something sacrilege.  Here are some links regarding traditional Kabosy:


More tomorrow, including where I am at with the Grass Tree resin varnish...