Sunday, 28 June 2020

New site

I've started a new site on Wix to talk about my work.  Go here:

I won't be keeping this domain for the moment.  When it expires this coming January this site will disappear, sorry...

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

I'm still here...and been busy!

Wow, it's June already.  I have been busy however from now on I'll try to do weekly updates of what I have been up to.  I'm a busy fellow and don't always get the time to post here regularly.  I want to talk about #49...the Kabosy commission.  A while ago I bought some Australian Cedar (Toona Ciliata) boards.  I read that Aust. Cedar made an excellent tone-wood  It's quite of soft timber, very easy to work and reminds me a lot of the Mahogany I have worked with in the past.  It's a lovely brick-red color and bends well.

I had some King William Pine that I have had for a while And used that for the soundboard.  The neck is made of Pine and the fingerboard is Ebony, yet to be fretted with the unusual half and quarter frets that Kabosy are fitted with. 

Here are some pics of #49 as it was last week:

     Yes, I know the headstock looks very messy.  This is because the Pine is too soft to to hold wooden tuning pegs so I fitted hardwood dowels to be bushings for the pegs to bear against.  The dowels will be flush cut then a veneer will cover the front and back of the head-stock so it will look neat. 

More soon...